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Friday, February 17, 2012

~Website Anniversary Giveaway~

Good day to you. Tomorrow, February 18th marks My Website's Three Year Anniversary.

In honor of this most special occasion and to thank everyone for their wonderful patronage and friendship .... I have made something very special (Young Miss W. Pawlet Puddle Duck) and am holding a giveaway!

Stop by MY WEBSITE tomorrow morning at 9:00am for all the details and to sign up for the giveaway.

Hope to see you there :)

hugs, doreen


Ballard Family Travels said...

Oh my Congratulations !!!
You have done such an amazing job of building your business and bringing so much joy to so many people with all your wonderful moppets and other offerings.Mom and Dad are so proud of you,Oh and by the way I would sure like this little fella lol Love you

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, she's fab! Congrats on your anniversary :o)

Brenda said...

Wonderful piece... Love the Puddle Duck! Congratulations on your Anniversary. Will check in on your website tomorrow. :)

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Oh, my fluttering heart! What a lucky day indeed that we would be blessed with a gift from you!
She's beautiful.

Donna said...

Congratulations to you! Your creative talents never cease to amaze me!

BTW, I see that you still have the word verification step on. It is horribly difficult to complete the double verifications. Spam has been successfully stopped and you can always do comment moderation. Could you please change your settings? You will lose a lot of comments if you don't. Everybody is hating this latest Blogger change.

Doreen Frost said...

Thank you Mom :)...you do have a birthday coming up don't you!! Perhaps you will find a similar one in your gift basket :) ♥

Katy :) THANK YOU!

Brenda :) Thank you!!!

Susan :)awwww..thank you so much..

Doreen Frost said...

Donna :) Thank you so much.

Actually...I had the word verification off for a week and I received no less than THREE spam comments each day AND my email was hacked into! A VERY time consuming bit of nonsense.

They may think they've stopped the spam, but they have not. The minute I put the word verification back on all the spam stopped..so, I've afraid it stays..I hate to lose comments..but I just do not have time to deal with the hassle of having it turned off.

Thanks for letting me know..but just be careful having it turned off.

hugs, Doreen

Елена1979 said...

Today, first came to your site - I really liked it, I remain your reader. Congratulations! You have a very oreginalnye work and interesting site (blog)

Daryle and Katie... kindred spirits said...

Doreen... just a note to wish you well and congrats upon the three year anniversary; no small feat for any business in Vermont! Our crocus, snow drops, and daffodils are in full bloom here, early even for South Jersey! Blessings, Daryle

KristiKringle said...

Dear Doreen,

I am so thrilled to know that this sweet duck is coming to live with me! Thank you so very very much, Kristi

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That sounds wonderful! I've loved your blog and your beautiful creations for a long time! Hugs! ♥

KristiKringle said...

As the lucky ducky winner that received darling Miss Puddle Duck in the mail from sweet Doreen, I just want to say here that as lovely as she was in pictures, she is even more enchanting to hold. Her little wings are so soft and she is just precious. Thank you Doreen for sharing your exquisite artistry on these pages and in our homes. Many many thanks from my grateful heart.