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Monday, April 23, 2012

~Earth Day Happenings At The Frost Homestead~

Greetings.  Tis a windy, raw and rain soaked day here in Vermont..though the sun did come out briefly, and unexpectedly, a few moments ago.  I hope your weekend was a lovely one and that you had a fun and perhaps earth friendly "Earth Day".  We had a fun, relaxing weekend, and a lovely, productive Earth day which, by the way, came to an exciting and slightly nerve wracking end ...(more on that in a moment)

Saturday we did some gardening and yard work..we are just about finished with Spring clean up and we've planted asparagus..something I have ALWAYS wanted to grow but always seem to miss the window for planting it..This year..we FINALLY got two bundles into the ground :)
...Saturday evening we took Kurt Ryan out for a birthday dinner..his birthday is actually next Sunday but he will not be home as he has scuba diving class all weekend. 
 On Sunday after giving the house a thorough cleaning, we bundled up (it was absolutely raw out..36*, rain and wind) and began the sheds renovation...for our future Chicken home!!!
I am SO excited about finally having chickens...Mark and I have really started to seriously think about, plan and put into effect our desire to be more sustainable, to do more with our 10 acres and truly work this property of ours.  I can not tell you how excited I am about this whole thing...it is something I have always wanted to do and a way in which I have always wanted to live.  AND..I can not wait to look out my window and see this....

(photo courtesy of petit poulailler)

After doing a bit of hoeing out of the shed (we've a LONG way to go and it has much work yet to be done to it)...we dug up a colander full of horseradish root and headed inside to a cozy fire, a hot cup of coffee and made horseradish.....

..Well..Mark made horseradish..I made Maple Oatmeal Cookies..hence the reason our kitchen looks so very messy and cluttered in this photo above..
I added dried cranberries to half the batch..mmm..

 After we were done in the kitchen, we showered, put on our comfy clothes and settled in to watch "Ingredients", which, if you've not seen it, I highly recommend it. :). 

AND then...at 9:15, while I was reading and Mark had gone off to bed I heard a loud thump on the front porch, I didn't think to much of it, thinking it was the wind as it was gusting quite hard, a couple minutes later I heard a much larger bang so I got up to see what was happening; thinking perhaps there was a fox on the porch bothering Jacob..which happens from time to time..we have the only cat who actually has standoffs with foxes...I try my hardest to keep him inside but he hates being in the house.  ANYWAY...I switched on the porch light and one of these guys was out there!!!!!!!

( Photo by Jean-Guy Dallaire)
 The minute the light turned on he jumped off the porch and ran off into the woods...of course, this was after having pulled my bird feeder down & knocking over some wood from the wood pile AND when he jumped from the porch to the ground, he landed on one of my hydrangea bushes and smooshed it!  Let me tell you..we often hear of this happening here in our neck of the woods and every time it happens I say to Mark; "how come we never see them in our yard..I want to see one"...well, I can tell you now...it was not the fun experience I thought it would be..Oh, I was thrilled that I actually saw one in real life..but good gracious..it was scary!!!  My heart was racing and my hands were shaking......that was a little too close for comfort!!

Well, that was our weekend :).....an eventful one to be sure...

Now tis time for me to get back to work :)

Wishing you a fantastic week :)Doreen

By the way..do you see that adorable goat photo at the bottom of the kitchen picture?  That was taken by the lovely Kristi Nay..isn't it precious..I love looking at it each morning :)


The Bear's Blog said...

Maybe....that "little" bear smelled those home baked cookies. (o:


Debora said...

Ooo, scary! I do love to see them...but they don't live right here where we are. Black bears lumber through our cousins' neighboorhood every so often, and they are only a 30-minute drive across town from us. The last one I remember seeing relatively close was when I was in high school at church camp in the mountains of Southern California. We were out in a field at night, and the bear came to the edge of the field. A thrill, but scary, too.

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

What a weekend you had!! I saw a bear once at camp but it was far away and seemed surreal. I can't even imagine seeing him on your front porch! Scary but exciting. Hope Jacob kitty is okay....and your hydrangeas.

The cookies look great. I'm sure the horseradish is good too, but I'd rather have the cookies. ;)

Have a lovely day (with no more bears!)

Big warm hugs ~ Jenn

Donna said...

Black bears can be scary - I agree! They are way too unpredictable.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh my gosh, what a weekend you have had! A bear on your porch!!! I'll be you were shaking! Years ago we lived out in the country, had a HUGE garden, raised chickens, had a root cellar and big freezer and it was grand. You're going to love it - but it IS a lot of work. Have fun getting that shed ready, Dawn

Ballard Family Travels said...

My country girl,
I know this is the way you have wanted to live since you were a young girl. I think you have always loved anything that was natural and home grown. Our asparagus patch is only tree years old but we just love growing it ourselves and today we have 3 fresh new sprouts appear in the garden.
I know how excited you are about the chicken and as you already bake more that anyone I know ,I am sure you will be creating a whole new book of recipes with both farm fresh eggs and asparagus!!!
I think my first reaction to the Bear on my Daughters porch was fear !!! I know you love all creatures great and small but please no feeding the Bears !!!
I am reading this to your Dad and he wants to know if one of those jars of horseradish has his name on it ? I say never mind that I am tasting the cookies ,yum.
I think the little moppet who will be appearing in these fine wears will be dashing. Love you

Kays Kids said...

I'm so glad there was a wall between you and the bear. It would give me quite a fright.
You sustained garden sounds lovely.

Doreen Frost said...

Hello ladies. Thank you so much for stopping by. It was certainly an experience, however, now that some time has passed, I've realized it was kinda neat!!! I hate that it frightened me..after all..I am a maker of moppets..I should have welcomed his visit..not been frightened by it. A friend suggested he may have heard about me and wanted to come meet me..lol..I think I shall look at it that way from here on out..of course, if he (or she) happens to come by again..I do hope he/she has better manners next time and ask before helping himself!!!

Hugs, D