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Monday, March 4, 2013

~Moppets & Mondays~

Good Chilly Afternoon To You.  We had the most gorgeous weekend here in Vermont.  The snow began falling just before dawn Saturday morning and it did not stop snowing until 9:00 this morning.  It was so gorgeous and still is.  The snow did not pile up, I think we only have 3 or 4", but oh how lovely it was to watch it fall for such a long period of time.  It was just the perfect cozy weekend!  On Saturday I worked on my stitching, Mark, myself and Ollie went for a long winter walk in the freshly falling snow then on Sunday, I did a bit of baking, cleaning & furniture rearranging while Mark & Ollie played the part of woodsman and apprentice in the woods (to which one huge tree is now lying in our backyard awaiting clean-up..not so attractive but necessary when you heat with wood)  In the evening, we had a lovely family dinner at mom & dad's to celebrate mom's birthday where butterbean kept us all entertained with his silly, amazingly smart, precious little self.

Isn't it funny how a little cleaning, de-cluttering and rearranging can actually do the same thing  for your mind?  I always feel so refreshed and clear headed the morning after a good housecleaning..does that happen to you?  I also realized something....I think part of the reason I have been struggling so with my writing (other than the lose of our Odie) is that I moved my writing desk.  I remember reading in Steven King's  book on writing that he could only write in one tiny corner of his house...that makes sense to me now!  I didn't have time to move my desk back to it's proper place yesterday..but tomorrow I plan on moving it back to where it was before all this stress began and see what happens :).

So..Monday has arrived, the house is tidy, my mind is clear and I am on to Moppet Monday #2!  Please meet Young Derby :)

I just LOVE his color..it makes me think of Winnie The Pooh..that soft creamy yellow :) So sweet!  Young Derby is my second moppet for Moppet Monday's and is now available on My Website..along with a lovely gathering of vintage velvet carrots :)

 I'm off now to check on my soup I've simmering (Italian Chicken) and see if the roll dough is ready for it's second rise.  Wishing you a joyful evening,


Judi Hunziker said...

I am doing a happy dance, can't wait to have Derby come live with me. Thank you Doreen for making my day!

Doreen said...

Good afternoon Judy...NO, thank you for inviting Young Derby into your home. He & the dollies will be wonderful friends I am sure.

hugs to you,

Primitive Stars said...

Hi, your work is so wonderful, so so cute those Moppets...love them....and the velvet carrots, beautiful, Francine.

Kays Kids said...

How wonderful to sit and sip coffee and watch the snow fall. I haven't experienced it so it would be magic.
Derby is such a great soulful bear.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

He´s so cute Doreen and he just flew out of the studio so fast. So good for you :-)

Paula said...

Sounds like such a perfect day, Doreen... and Derby is just the cutest thing ever. :) ((HUGS))