~"I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment, while I was hoeing in a village garden, and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance that I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn." ~Henry David Thoreau

~Glad Tidings. I'm so pleased you've stopped by. Do help yourself to a cup of tea and stay a while.~

~And Speaking Of....Tomato Tarts & Running Shoes~

Good day to you.  Tis cool and foggy here in Vermont this morning as I sit here freshly showered after my third "Couch To 5K" run.  Whew, this morning was a CHALLENGE!!!  I think it's my running shoes...I need better ones, which I plan on purchasing next Wednesday when I go out to visit &  have lunch with my sweet Jenna.  They say the KEY to running is the right shoes and boy oh boy, they must be right! At any rate, I managed to make it through, made my way to the house for a cool glass of water & a shower, and now I am feeling much better and ready to have my breakfast & begin my day. I've a batch of tomatoes to put on to simmer for sauce, which I will put up (can) and another small batch I plan on using to make a scrumptious tomato tart. :).

IN THE HARVEST STUDIO..................I've final touches to put on a shop order, then it's time for packing and shipping :) YAY

IN THE HARVEST KITCHEN.................Tomato Tarts & crisp green salad.

Wishing you a merry day. ♥doreen


Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Looks delicious! Sounds like you've had a wonderful morning already, enjoy the rest of the day~

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

The tart looks delish! I may have to try to make some. I've been making/freezing tomato sauce the last couple of days. One more day to go then I am done! Tired now but it will be worth it this winter.