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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

~The Anticipation~

Merry Tuesday To You.  Tis a lovely Autumn day here in Vermont.  A bit sunny, a bit cloudy, showers of leaves whirling through the air.  They say our warm & sunny October is about to depart and shall be replaced by cold air and cloudy skies and even some snow flakes to the north.  Awe, I love this time of year..the anticipation is so exciting. 

 Speaking of exciting...Sunday night I held my All Hallow's Eve In Olde New England Web Show.  It as a lovely time.  Everyone has found a home except for this lovely ladye..

* Mrs. Salem of  Olde New England *
She is quite lovely and hoping to find a home soon before the cold weather sets in & makes travel difficult.  If you would like to read more about her, please visit my website.

Also making their debut last night....
No. 5 in my Wee Story Character series..
Olde Mrs. Whooot :) LOVE HER!!!  Her face is needle punched.  OH how I LOVE punch needle.  I truly could sit and while away the hours doing nothing but!!!  I have another doll in the works that I sketched out today and will be starting this afternoon.  As long as my eyes cooperate..I have had a horrible cold this last week and goodness my eyes have been burning and my sinuses are awful.  Actually, I had three other items that I intended to have ready for this show but this cold had other ideas.  I may finish them up this week and offer them or I may save them for my next web show..I've not decided.  At any rate I am finally feeling a little better today, thank goodness.  Don't you just hate it when a cold prevents you from doing something.  It's so frustrating!!

I'm off now to enjoy my afternoon coffee and settle in for a bit of punch needle before I start dinner. I may even sit on the porch.  I was just outside with Oliver and oh my goodness, the air smells amazing.  Crisp Fall leaves..perfect!

Wishing you a merry evening.


Heather said...

i was just in your land of vermont :) so pretty there! Best of luck with your web show, it sounds just fantastic! I love your creations, fall, winter, any time! :D

Danice said...

Hello Doreen. 'Just found and now following your blog. Lovely work you do. I especially love Olde Mrs. Whooot the owl :)

Doreen said...

Hello Heather. Oh..wonderful. What part of VT?

Welcome Danice :) Thank you!

Sara ~Snövits äpple~ said...

I found your blog through Heather´s blog. What lovely things you create! I love that the bear even has it´s own necklace! :) Love from Sara in Sweden