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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~As The Storm Approaches~

Goode Wednesday to you.  Outside, the bitter cold wind doth blow and a major storm gathers as what may be our biggest snow storm of the Winter, makes it's way to us.  Inside, a cozy fire burns, candles glow and the oven warms as it awaits a cinnamon yeast bread that is rising on the counter.  The house is tidy and a bubble bath awaits and then it is time to head into the studio for the day.

IN THE HARVEST STUDIO.....A busy week it has already been and today shall be no different.  Beeswax orders to pour, moppets to pin and stitch and punch needle designs to transfer to weavers cloth.  Speaking of punch needle I have some exciting news...I am now an official *Qualified Designer* with Valdani threads.  This is such a thrill for me..I can not even tell you.  It is an honor that humbles me :).

And, another delight...I have finished my very first needle-felted dog.  Oh my goodness..I JUST LOVE HIM.  As he was coming to life, I began to see our sweet Odie, our pup that passed away just before Christmas of 2012 :(.  I know it's silly but it makes me feel like he is with me MORE now, a more solid presence I guess.  He will watch over me from now on as I create. :).

  I do have plans to make more of these.  I wrote to Domenica and asked if we were able, after taking her "Class/kit" to go ahead and make more to offer for sale, to which she responded "You are a rare person to ask me if I would mind you doing your own dogs, for which my thanks." :).  And..she gave me the go ahead to "create and be inspired."..to which, I am so thankful and shall do just that!!  I have ordered an abundance of gorgeous roving colors and will be needle felting up a storm...perhaps during the snow storm :). My next pup is going to be Young Oliver.  A gift for my sweet husband to put on the dashboard of his truck. He is always wanting to take Ollie to work with him, now he will be able to :)...shhh, it's surprise for him :).

Chicken and dumplings for dinner on the bitter cold New England evening.  We were suppose to have this last night however, I ended up on a little shopping trip with my sister. :).

I am off now to shape the cinnamon bread and pop it in the oven...oh the heavenly aroma that will be floating through the house soon ~ Delightful!

Wishing you a cozy and wonderful day, ♥D


Joyce Mayer said...

What a wonderful way to remember your beloved Odie. Can't wait to see Young Oliver.

As soon as you have the thread available I will be placing an order. I prefer to buy from artists I know instead of the big stores. The personal touch and communication is extremely important.


We are having a major snowstorm, the same one that you are expecting. Happy snow day!!!

Kathy F said...

The puppy is adore able!!!! I can see what a big heart he has. Congrats on the Valdani designer distinction!!! Please let me know when your latest design is available in paper format or better yet....a kit!!