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Friday, February 14, 2014

~Robins In Winter~

Good morning & Happy Valentines Day.  I use to think that the appearance of Robins meant our Winter was over...I no longer believe that!!  Goodness, we are snowed in here in Vermont.  I'm not sure how much snow we have as the wind has blown it every which way, but from the looks of things we have at least 15" of fresh snow and it's still coming down quite heavily.  This poor Robin was tweeting away when I trudged outside to fill the bird feeders this morning. She was all alone and looked so cold, I wished I could have convinced her to come inside with me until the storm passed.  But alas she flew off and Oliver and I continued on with our chores.  He, running around in absolute heaven, somehow and inexplicably dragging his blue plastic swimming pool all through the yard.  Oh, I do not care for that ugly thing...he has it torn to shreds, it's frozen and therefore when he flies past you with it in his mouth, with it flapping every which way, it scraps against you and rips your clothing!!

  While he was busy playing, I was shoveling the porch and walkway.  Mark actually shoveled before he left at 4:00am but after he left for work is when it really started to come down. So...I had no choice as it was so deep I couldn't even see the front steps..  Shoveling done & feeders filled we headed back inside to our cozy fire and the promise of a lovely day of needle punch, stitching and dusting beeswax.  I actually need to mail two beeswax orders but I am not sure that's going to happen today!
(I  love how our old shed looks in the snow)

By the way..what are your Valentines plans?  Mark &I are going to our favorite restaurant tomorrow evening. With his work schedule and this storm, tonight wasn't possible...so, this evening we shall be dining late but a lovely one it shall be.  Grilled London Broil, Baked Potatoes, Roasted Butternut Squash with brown sugar and Maple syrup and Guinness and cheddar biscuits :) YUM!

I am off now to take my Gingerbread scones out of the oven ~ OH GOODNESS do they smell heavenly!
 Wishing you a cozy and safe day ~ ♥D


Kathy F said...

I'll have a scone please!!!!! I'd love to have the recipe. Ordering the e-pattern for the punch needle today. I'm not very tech savy but surely I can manage to get it printed out....lol! Please give Oliver an ear rub for me.

Joyce Mayer said...

Happy Valentine's Day. Our snowstorm has passed and I was able to get out to do errands.

Hubby is cooking this evening, grilled lobster tails, baked potato and fresh asparagus. Can't wait.

Hugs, safe warm and safe. Post office can wait a day or two, folks understand.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Gingerbread scones sound and look delish! Poor Robin hopefully found a warm and cozy nest to weather the storm.

Doreen said...

Thank you so much Kathy :) I will definitely share the recipe. I will try to do that today :) I am hoping you were able to print the pattern okay...if not, just give me a shout. :) hugs & Happy Punching. d

That sounds heavenly JOYCE!!! YUM! I was completely snowed in yesterday so the post office ended up not being an option. Mark finally cleaned us out at 8:00 last night. I sat in my cozy chair and stitched the entire day ♥♥heavenly. Have a wonderful day, D

I know Louise..I thought about him all day. I am telling myself he went into our shed and took shelter. The robins build nest in there every year so..I thought it was a good possibility. Have a wonderful day, Doreen

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Your new design looks gorgeous!
The Gingerbread scones ... are you going to post the recipe? They look delicious! Mmmmmm! We have really had lots of snow too, a real mixed bag of winter.