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Monday, February 10, 2014

~Taking My Line For A Walk~

"A drawing is simply a line going for a walk."
Paul Klee. 

Goode day to you.  I do apologize for my late greeting this positively beautiful, snow filled morning.  My time was taken up with my sketch book working on new punch needle patterns as well as new moppet characters.  Goodness, I am having so much fun.  I am quite thrilled this morning as I just signed up for a drawing course.  I would like to give my work a little more polish therefore, I think classes are a step in the right direction :).  Now..I've a house to tidy, orders to pack and run to the post office and then back home and into the studio I go :)

I leave you with this photo from mine & Olivers walk this morning.  Another fresh layer of snow fell overnight, my favorite kind of snow.  One that settles itself softly on everything in site transforming our landscape into a magical world of beauty.

                                                   Wishing you a merry day, :)Doreen


Susie Colpetzer said...

Sounds like a busy day ahead...you words always invoke warmth...appreciated on this cold winter day....love the pic...have a wonderful day....

Joyce Mayer said...

It looks like cotton puffs, so pretty. It just started to flurry here and from the sounds of the weatherman's prediction for tomorrow we should see heavy snow. LET IT SNOW!

Have a cozy day.


Concha de Aromadetela said...

Me gusta mucho entrar en tu blog, tienes cosas preciosas. Besos y hasta pronto.

Myra said...

I'm hoping it's not much longer before you will be selling Valdani #8. I only have a couple of the colors you used for Love Grows in #12, so will wait. I have a feeling I'm gonna like the #8 a little better. Beautiful pic ... it does look like cotton balls.

Doreen said...

Good afternoon ladies. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely compliments!! :)

Myra...my threads should be here this week!!! :) So exciting!!!

1890* said...

Good day to you Doreen!
Sounds like you had a very productive Monday by lunch time.
Very excited to see where your inspiration leads.. Needle Punch patterns Yay!
My floss arrived for "Love Grows" and i hope to find some quiet time tonight to start punching your beautiful design.
Thank you for the little juice glass idea.. My Golden "Monty" is a ball chaser. ;0) and i have been in need of an excuse to pull out the 3 lovely little violet etched juice glasses i found at an estate sale...Can't set a table with just 3 ..so this is a perfect excuse to use and inspiration to punch some violet tussles.
Thanks again.. Wishing you a lovely Tuesday ((hugs)) Misi