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** I love my life and enjoy sharing it with all of you.**

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

~March Days~

 Glad Tidings. Goodness, can you believe March is nearly ready to depart? It seems she has just arrived. Alas, I am a bit grateful for her speedy visit as, April is sure to bring warmer weather...well, let's HOPE anyway :). I must say, tho it has been MUCH colder than when she usually visits with us, she has been a wonderful month nonetheless :).

IN THE HARVEST STUDIO.....A lovely morning of inputting the last of my invoices, expenditures and info into Quick Books. It is such a great feeling finally doing this. Knowing that I will, from here on out, be much better organized and much more able to track how things are going with this little business of mine. :) And, I will say, it's quite enjoyable to sit at the dining room table with my lap top, amidst the crackling of the wood stove with sunshine and birdsong outside my window and work on this project. This afternoon, I've new designs to work on. Several new punch needle patterns in the works and details to iron out regarding this years (that's right I said THIS YEAR)...punch needle class!!! SO EXCITING.

IN THE HARVEST KITCHEN....Shepherd's Pie and popovers for dinner on this, slowly warming, evening in New England. The boys will be boiling tonight, so I may be bringing dinner down there!! :)

Wishing you a Merrye Day. ♥D


Kathy F said...

Ah........quick books.....finished up all my tax doings last week. I promise myself every year I will do better about staying current but I fail!! Lol. Looking forward to the new designs!

Marilee said...

You have what I would consider the perfect life, Doreen. And the best part is that I know you enjoy and are thankful for every minute.

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Can you believe how fast this month went? I am really ready for warmer weather. I was thinking about you today...heard there was a maple syrup shortage because of the weather and your the only one I know that taps! Hope its not true and that your getting lots of that lovely goodness! xoxo Jenn