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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

~Tuesday, May 6th, 2014~

Goode morning dear friends.  Tis a gloriously beautiful Spring Morning here in Vermont.  Tho it is a cold one and indeed, a chilly and windy day is ahead & a small fire still burns low in the hearth,  I know Spring has surely arrived AS The tree's are leafing!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT!!!

IN THE STUDIO.....A busy day is ahead ~ A bit of packing & shipping this morning & then it's on to custom orders, Olde & Worn Bears for my next web show (May 19th at 7:00pm) and time with my hoop & needle. A lovely & busy day indeed.

IN THE KITCHEN....~ Beef Stew & homemade rolls. This will, more than likely, be our last stew until the weather grows cold once again :).

Wishing you a joy filled Spring day~ Doreen


Kays Kids said...

Beef stew bubbling in the kitchen while you work must make your home smell delicious.
Hugs Kay

Doreen said...

Hello Kay. It does :) Hence, one of the main reasons why I cook and bake so much ~ for the comfort it gives our home :)

hugs to you as well. :)D

susan hemann said...

I be over for dinner, what time? I live in Ohio and it is still cold here. We are having a lovely gentle spring storm this am.