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Monday, June 9, 2014

~As The Days Grow Longer~

Goode afternoon.  We've a warm and lovely day here in Vermont.  Abundant clouds fill the sky and whisper of an approaching rain, a soft breeze whirls about & bird song fills the air.  A perfect day for settling back into work after a lovely vacation. :).  We have just returned home from a lovely five day trip to the Ocean.  Goodness, how I love it.  Our cottage was just a few feet away from the lapping waves...what an amazing way to start the day.  

We relaxed on the beach, took walks, did some antiquing, had lovely cocktails & delicious dinners and enjoyed each others company.  What a lovely way to refresh one's soul. :)

And now..we shall head back to our busy schedules.  Mark with his 4am to 6pm work days and me with nearly the same (tho my day doesn't start until 5:15 am)...thankfully..we both LOVE what we do and therefore, work doesn't seem like work :).  

This past month has been crazy.  What is usually my slow time has become one of my busiest.  It is challenging and wonderful. Right now I am working on custom orders for bears and punch needle creations AND filling shop orders for both as well. I've never had my patterns available thru shops before..it's so exciting!!! :). 


As of late, my evenings have been spent on the front porch sipping a cocktail or lemonade, with my hoop & needle.  Right now I am working on another Spring Thyme In Olde New England.  This one is for a benefit being held to raise funds to help our local general store keep it's door open.  Something near and dear to my heart.  

The air is feeling cooler and the rain has begun to fall.  AND...I've just remembered that I've a pile of bear bits and pieces scattered about the porch therefore, I must run.  I will pop in tomorrow & share my offerings from last week's web show with you.

Wishing you a joy filled day.


moosecraft said...

Sounds like a perfect vacation! :-)

Kays Kids said...

Your holiday sounds wonderful. Enjoy your warm days.
Hugs Kay

susan hemann said...

Have fun on your vacation. Doing what we love is a gift from God, at least I think so.